Duties of a wedding planner can include:

  • Scheduling and attending supplier meetings, providing supplier referrals and dealing with the all important contract negotiations!
  • Creating detailed timelines and floor plans.
  • Helping you to establish and manage your budgets.
  • Attending venue tours and menu tastings.
  • Brainstorming style ideas and coordinating design details.
  • Managing the rehearsal.
  • Overseeing everything on the wedding day; timelines, managing suppliers and ensuring everything has been executed perfectly.

Wedding planners are quite often seen as a ‘luxurious splurge’. Whilst the title is quite flattering, we feel our role is sometimes misconceived. We invest ourselves into saving you time and money whilst bringing your dream wedding to life. Our aim is to keep you on track and as calm as possible, so that you can enjoy every single moment as you deserve to!

Here’s how a wedding planner can help you:


As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know!

A wedding planner will have built the most incredible ‘Little Black Book’ of suppliers and contacts that they know, have worked with and trust. Having this at your fingertips cuts out an awful lot of time and possible disappointment too!

At KTV Wedding Planners, we have spent years developing and maintaining relationships with a variety of incredible suppliers in the wedding industry. Our Little Black Book is bursting at the seams. Having spent so much time on this, we are completely confident that our suppliers will always go above and beyond for our clients.



This includes how the wedding is going to look at what it will feel like for you and your wonderful guests on the day. The concept will ultimately provide everyone with a clear vision of what your perfect day is going to look like. As things develop, your wedding planner will be able to update the concept so that everyone involved is able to move with it.

Here at KTV, we’ll be as involved as our clients wish us to be. Naturally, we adore being involved in every stage including the concept but we completely understand if there are aspects our clients have really looked forward to being in charge of! It’s your day after all, we’ll simply go with your flow.



Wedding planners are incredibly knowledgable (flicks hair).

Experienced planners will have been a part of an untold amount of weddings and their knowledge is seriously impressive. Knowing the industry inside out, a wedding planner will be able to help you with supplier expectations, what needs to be done and when. Plus, they’ll have all the insights to ensure that the planning process runs as smoothly as possible! Should there be any

hiccups (because life has this funny habit of testing us) then, they will be there to pick up the pieces and get everything back on track!



The logistical aspects can take up a great deal of your time and head space, your wedding planner can relieve you of this. They can assist you with your guest list, menu choices, table planning, booking suppliers, scheduling the day and much much more!



We are convinced that wedding planners were simply born organised! It’s in our nature. Whether you’re completely dis-organised or you think you’re pretty good, we believe that everyone could benefit from a wedding planners level of organisation.



When it comes to planning a wedding, we completely understand the many brides to be that struggle to stay on budget! Remaining strict with your spending is far easier said than done, regardless of how naturally good at this you are.

A wedding planner WILL help you to avoid or stop sliding down a slippery money slope (gosh imagine one of those). We work closely with our couples and their wedding budget. With that, we get a grip of what they wouldn’t want to go without and what they could perhaps adapt to suit the budget. Our pockets are full of magic tricks to help you to get around various budgeting issues.

Alongside this, a good wedding planner will also be able to provide you with realistic budget expectations! It’s all very well having budgets set, but if they are completely unrealistic, then you’re setting yourself up for a fail before you’ve got off the ground.

Having planned lots and lots of weddings we know (surprising sometimes off the top of our heads) how much various products/services should realistically cost. This has helped many of our previous clients to save a great deal of money. Not only that, it can be easy to have the wool pulled over your Wedding tinted glasses, armed with this knowledge lowers the chance of this happening!



Life continues to happen around you when you are planning a wedding. As much as you’d absolutely love all of the day to day ‘stuff’ to pause, it won’t. Many couples are juggling a million things at once, which can be incredibly tiring, challenging and simply not fun. Fortunately, a wedding planner will be able to help save you time, which we believe is the most invaluable thing, right? As wedding planners, everything that you’re thrown in at the deep end with, we live and breathe! So, (without sounding extremely big headed here), we’ll get things done twice as quickly!

Having a planner by your side will allow you to continue living your life without the extra stresses and strains that wedding planning brings! After all, this time should be enjoyable, you won’t get it back, so having the freedom to pick and choose what and how much time you spend on certain elements is priceless.

A wedding planner can be as involved as you wish, if you’d like everything planned out step by step so that you don’t have a single thing to worry about, a good planner will make it happen. Alternatively, if you’d still like a certain amount of involvement in aspects you know you’ll enjoy or that you’re good at, then this can happen too!



Your wedding planner will be the go-to person on the day itself. Last minute hiccups, time management, questions from suppliers, venue and guests, your wedding planner will have it under wraps so that you can focus on getting married and enjoying every moment of your big day.

As wedding planners, we want you to savour every single special moment (leading up to, on the day and even the day after) without the finer details overshadowing them and having our support will allow you to do this.


We hope that this has helped provide you with a better insight into the benefits of having a wedding planner, however, here’s some reasons a wedding planner might be well-suited to you:

• You have budget concerns
• As a couple you live a busy lifestyle and your work is demanding
• Your wedding day vision is unclear
• Wedding planning is/you could see it impacting your relationships • You don’t enjoy or you don’t think you’ll enjoy the planning aspects

There are plenty more reasons, however, these are some of the most common reasons our clients have reached out to us for help in the past.

If you have any questions at all or you’d like to explore our wedding planning services, please reach out, we’d be delighted to help!