Firstly, congratulations if you’re recently engaged or equally if you got engaged a while back. You’re getting married, this is SO exciting!

We’d LOVE to talk to you about the joys of wedding planning, to keep your firmly on cloud nine, because that is how you should feel for the most part.

As you scroll through the internet, content might distract you (consciously and sub-consciously) into thinking that wedding planning offers far more stresses and strains, than fun and joy. Inevitably, things will test you at times (Covid we are well and truly looking at you); and we’re not here to tell you that wedding planning is a constant flow of rainbows and unicorns...

Similarly to the curveballs that life throws at us, it’s the way we deal or embrace them that will shape our experience.

So, here are some of the most amazing moments that you’ll have to look forward to and why you should make the very most of every single one of them!


Your venue decision

It’s all fun and games until you decide on your venue and the fun and games get better! You can finally envision your day, where you’ll say ‘I do’, where you’ll eat and drink with loved ones and party the night away. We have celebrated this moment with so many of our lovely couples and at this stage, the sparkle in their eyes get brighter and the feeling of sheer joy is overwhelming. Whether you’re holding your wedding day in a venue you’ve always dreamt of, a location that holds lots of memories or a spontaneous spot, the decision process and final confirmation is a truly defining moment in your wedding planning. Celebrate it, enjoy a date night, a glass of bubbly, mark the occasion in your own quirky way. By celebrating wins and allowing yourself that time to do so, you’ll be able to shape and perhaps shift your wedding planning mindset.


Meeting your dream team

You’re only human, so let go of the expectation that you will be able to fill every single role possible during the planning process. Honestly, this is a recipe for disaster! Aside from delegating to willing members of your trustee bride tribe, family and friends, working with a dream team of experts will save you in so many ways. The time that you’ll save can be used to relish parts of the planning process that you know you’ll love and that spark positivity.

When you meet with potential vendors or professionals, you’ll know pretty quickly which ones will be the right fit for your big day. It is more than just signing contracts and making payments, it’s about building a team of professionals to make your dream day a reality! A dream team will not only provide products and services, they’ll become trusted sounding boards, advisors and partners and we know you’ll adore watching this team coming together for you.


Finding ‘the one’ - your dress that is!

Dress-shopping is all too often thought of as incredibly daunting, scary even! When you experience it with a wonderful mindset, those thoughts are nothing but a misconception. All being well, wedding dress shopping is a once in a lifetime experience! Blink and you’ll miss it. Therefore, we urge you to make a day of it. After all, you’re dressing for one the biggest, most momentous occasions of your life. Let go of any pressure, expectations or worry. If it helps, imagine yourself in years to come, reminiscing the experience. We are absolutely sure you wouldn’t want to look back and remember it as any other day, or a stressful experience. You’ll want to look back and know that intimately or with others, you enjoyed and embraced every single moment of it. You had fun, you laughed, you cried and when you finally found ‘the one’ your heart did a little dance, you looked and felt incredibly beautiful.


Making others feel incredibly special

The feeling of asking your loved ones’ to stand by your side on the biggest day of your life can’t really be put into words. Watching or hearing their reactions is priceless, no matter how you choose to ask them. You might decide on personalising a gift for them, writing a heart-felt letter or simply dropping it into conversation on a phone call - whatever your style may be, this is one amazing moment that you’ll never, ever want to forget and neither will they!


Cake and food tasting

Enough said right?

The excitement here is in the words cake and food alone. What could be more fun than spending time with your loved one sampling foods or exploring wine and drink options (because you’re good sports)! The mission of this task is to make sure that you and your guests will be happily satisfied at such eagerly anticipated times during the day. Enjoy this time together, come away from it feeling completely confident and make sure you arrive with an empty-ish stomach! Have fun, eat like kings and queens; you may never experience something like this again.


Posting your invitations

Once you’ve decided on your invitations (this part is super exciting) especially when you hand the task to a wonderfully talented designer who will (like a sponge) soak up all of your ideas, style, colours etc and provide you with beautiful options that will WOW your guests to be! You’ll then get to send these gorgeous creations out to your nearest and dearest, not only to ask them to join you on your big day, but as an insight into what they can expect from the day itself. Your invitations have the power to provide a sneaky peak of your theme, colours, look and feel! This really is a moment to enjoy. Feel each and every bit of excitement and apprehension when you send out your invitations and await the, no doubt, amazing reactions and RSVP’s.

This leads us on to...


When you receive your first RSVP

This may sound like an incredibly small deal now, but believe us, the excitement of receiving your first RSVP is so exciting. Your wedding will suddenly feel so real, and you might be taken aback with the thought that guests WILL be attending and this isn’t something you are doing by yourselves! Treasure this moment, remember how you feel and remind yourself of this feeling regularly during your wedding planning, when at times, your mind may try to persuade you into becoming overwhelmed and stressed. Remind yourself that your nearest and dearest have your special date in their calendar, perhaps they’ve taken time off work, cancelled existing plans or even highlighted it! Those thoughts will no doubt give you a warm, fuzzy and excited feeling, that will out-weigh any negatives.


When you finish the very last thing on your to-do list!

No matter how big or small that very last task is, the feeling you will receive when you physically or mentally tick it off will be incredible! If you are looking at your list and thinking ‘when will this ever end’ remind yourself that it will and when that day comes, you will feel a sense of achievement you may never have felt before and pride for what you have managed to accomplish! The rest is up to fate, embrace it.

Quite honestly, our list could go on and on, there are endless things to look forward to! We truly believe that planning a wedding should be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that evokes so many beautiful feelings. With the right mindset, we know you’ll enjoy the process as much as we do, when we are helping to take the pressure off our wonderful couples, bringing their big day to life, one fantastic step at a time!

Hold onto every moment, memory and cherish the process.