The Wedding Planning Process

We Take Care of Every Little Detail



We appreciate that hiring the services of a wedding planner is an investment. You are trusting another person to understand your vision and bring it to life. We aim to achieve this at KTV Wedding Planners by having a very particular process in place.

We are also very selective in who we work with. We only work with 3 to 4 clients a year, so we can fully immerse ourselves in the planning of each wedding.

We give you the time you need and deserve. We get to know you on a personal level. We translate your intentions and your ideas and pair you with like-minded suppliers that really get your vision.

If you are thinking about using a wedding planner, the first step is to get in touch with us at KTV Wedding Planners. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for, what we can do to help and whether we’d be the right people for you.






The starting point for the planning process is to create your story, interpret your vision and to design a truly bespoke concept. Following a detailed planning meeting, where we walk you through the whole wedding, we produce a mood board for each stage of the day.

The mood board enables us to form the foundation for our planning. It provides us with a clear picture from the start, helping us to source incredible products and build the skilled team that will transform our ideas into reality.


Building the right team from the start is crucial. We will only ever recommend the best suppliers for the job and those who complement you perfectly. Building a team who will work well together, support each other, and deliver spectacular weddings is what we specialise in.

You can be confident that you will receive the very best customer service combined with the highest quality products. Working with reliable and experienced suppliers results in stress-free planning and an exceptional wedding day your guests will never forget.



Throughout the entire process we will work closely with you and on your behalf; meticulously planning, sourcing, and managing behind the scenes. We do not over complicate anything because we know you do not have time for that.

Our thorough processes ensure financial management, scheduling, communication, and site visits are all handled efficiently, without you getting tied up in too many details. Our exhaustive reporting will ensure all details, movements and timings are considered in advance of your big day.


On the day itself we represent you for the entirety of the day; greeting suppliers, adding finishing touches to the styling and welcoming guests as they take their seats for the ceremony.

We’ll manage the flow of the day, working behind the scenes, and seeing everyone off at the end of the night. We’ll be there for you or your guests – whenever you need us. We’ll make sure your day is perfect in every way.





We charge a set fee for our wedding planning services which is determined by the size, complexity, and length of your celebration.









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